Child's Code: Dax
Birth Date: 4/1/2012
Gender: male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Mar 2014

Dax at 2 years old: can sit independently; can hold waist straight for a short time when sitting, body leans forward a little; poor lumbar muscular strength; can crawl to take toy; likes to lie on the rocking chair and shake arms to rock the chair; can sit to hold the bottle to drink milk; can take toy with both hands.
Now the caretaker helps the baby exercise standing up; can stand up with support or by holding onto support, but will be tired after standing for a while and will cry; strong adaptability; knows his name when being called; likes to play spoon when eating; likes to stare at adornment of the caretaker and will reach out his hands to play the adornment; knows adults’ facial expression; if the caretaker pretends to scold him, he will cry; can babble; can make the sound of AH and OH; can call ba and ma.
The baby is introverted, quiet, and likes to play by himself; knows the caretaker; will smile at familiar people; will not ask familiar people to hold him actively; can be comforted by milk or toy when crying; likes doll the most; afraid of strangers the most; sometimes can cry when being teased by strangers; if other children take his toy, he will be angry and cry; will smile when being teased by the caretaker.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Contact Info: