Child's Code: Trey
Birth Date: 11/2/2011
Gender: Male
Description: *This child is formerly on the shared list*

From Sep 2012

Trey has been living in the welfare institute; the followings are his recent physical development situation.
Motor situation and adaptability: the child can roll when lying, but he can not roll when lying on the stomach. He can rise up his head at the angle of 90 degrees, and he can kick his legs heavily. When happy, his hands and legs will wave. He can look at his own little hand. He can hold one hand with another. His little hands can hold the small toys. If one hand is tired, then another continues. He knows to take when given some toys. He has the normal eyesight. He can see the objects beyond 2 meters.

Trey at present can not learn language. He will cry very low, almost can not heard. His facial expression is very unjust. When the aunt changes the diaper for him, he will laugh. He knows the familiar people who surrounded with him and is not afraid of the strangers. He smiles at whoever he meets and allows anyone to hold him. He knows hungry. He will not stop eating when full.
Characters: he is quite. He likes to play alone and he is good at playing. He does not distinguish the strangers. His voice is different from the laughter of normal children. He likes to play with his own little hands and feet. When there is nothing, he will play with his own hands. At present we did not find his other hobby.
Medical Condition: Central Coordination Disorder
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