Child's Code: Simon
Birth Date: 2/21/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child is formerly on the shared list*

From Dec 2013

Simon suffers from intelligence development delayed. On admission he is only two months old and is very weak. After the excellent care of dad and mom, now he is strong.
He has gone to the kindergarten, can communicate with others, can play with children, can understand adult’s words, can have a meal and go to toilet alone, can put on unlined clothes; when he put on more clothes, he needs to help; he knows where his kindergarten is, likes to sit the car, likes to play at outdoors; he is fond of imitating, has a ready smile, and enjoys that someone imitates his words.
After he goes to the kindergarten, he becomes more sensible, can get up on time, can go to school and leave school on time, can sing children’s songs, can write simple numbers, and can listen to class carefully. He is lovely and the families all like him.
He has good diet, and is not choosy to food; he can have rice, noodle and meat; his favorite food: apple, banana and watermelon etc.
He is a lovely boy. Best wishes for him and hope that he can be adopted as soon as possible, can have a happy family and have father and mother who love him, to grow up healthily and happily.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
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