Child's Code: Anthony
Birth Date: 2/25/2009
Gender: Male
Description: *This child is formerly on the shared list*

From May 2013

Anthony is about 2 years old, has black hairs, big eyes, white skin, and is so pretty, lovely and handsome. After admission, under the care and love of the aunts, he grows up happily and healthily; he become more and more active. He has a ready smile; when you say hello to him, he doesn’t necessarily use language to respond to you, but he would be very polite to give you a shining smile which can make you have good mood, he is adored.
He likes bright colors and love colorful toys with making sounds so much that one is loath to part with them; he has strong personality and likes challenging, and is very curious to climb high and dangerous things; he is doing physical rehabilitation, very hard and carefully. Rehabilitation teacher guides his every difficulty, and he can take it in heart; so he has made great progresses in every area. Now he can sit alone, can go up and down the bed alone, can stand up with hands holding the bed, can move step, can put on and take off clothes, trousers and socks; with a little help, he can go upstairs and downstairs; his muscular tension has been improved obviously. But his hands and legs are not flexible; he can’t speak clearly and looks suffering from cerebral palsy.

Anthony is sensible very much; every time when the aunt is busy, he always wants to help; or when young brothers and sisters need to help, he is always willing to do; he can do everything carefully the aunt orders; if he doesn’t do well, he would show sincere attitude.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
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