Child's Code: Zhe
Birth Date: 4/23/2015
Gender: Male
This is Zhe! He is 1 year old and will be turning 2 in April. Zhe was quite small and weak when he first came into care at his orphanage, but his nannies tell us he has grown bigger and stronger! He is also more spirited and has started to show his personality. Zhe loves music, and he will sometimes cry to show his nanny he’d like to listen to music. He stops crying when he hears the tune begin, and he will sometimes wave his little hands to express his excitement. Zhe does not babble or make sounds, but he looks at people when they speak to him and seems to recognize familiar people. He can hold a rattle or toy in his hand, but he cannot pass toys between his hands quite yet. Please help this sweet little boy find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Poor Brain Development
Contact Info: