Child's Code: Forrest
Birth Date: 2/28/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Dec 2005:

Forrest can walk easily in familiar bedroom and playroom, roll over easily when lying on back. He can grasp toys to play with, understand the daily expressions said by teachers, move freely in familiar surroundings. He can imitate pronunciation, can say single words like OK and ayi, likes listening to music, likes to turn around, knows the voice of familiar people. He is timid, dare not walk freely in unfamiliar surroundings. He is shy, likes to be brought to go to play outdoors by others, occasionally obstinate, have a ready smile when teased, get along well with others, like listening to music. He is diagnosed with congenital blind eyes. The nannies feel he has normal mental, physical and motor development.
Medical Condition: Vision- blind
Contact Info: