Child's Code: Doug
Birth Date: 2/8/2008
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From June 2014:

Doug has good life habits, has normal diet, good appetite, normal sleep. He is clever and lovely, active and sensible, he is close to aunts and mothers who take care of him. He can get along well with other children in the same class. The child likes playing games, likes playing ball, and toy car.
To get better care for him, Doug was fostered by a loving family. In this family, the child got love of parents and siblings. This provides him good environment for his mental and physical development, he quickly adapted to this family, his mental development is delayed compared to other children of his age, normal language communication ability, the motor ability matches with other children of his age, but his everyday life needs others’ help, likes dancing, his siblings usually accompany with him to dance, play games, he is like other children can enjoy his happy childhood. Now the child is obedient, can do things he can do.
Medical Condition: Vision- blind
Contact Info: