Child's Code: Bao
Birth Date: 4/20/2007
Gender: Male
Description: Sweet Bao came into care at his orphanage when he was an infant. His heart condition was monitored by the orphanage staff, and he underwent two heart surgeries when he got a little bit older.

Bao is now 11 years old and he is in second grade at the local public school. He has good self-care skills and helps his foster mom look after the younger kids. He plays games with them and even teaches them how to sing children’s songs! He is such a sweetheart.

Bao is adored by his caretakers, and they really hope he can have a permanent family one day. He needs a home full of love where he is able to just be a kid! Could you be his forever family?
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease
Contact Info: