Child's Code: Neville
Birth Date: 6/9/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Dec 2013:
Neville is deaf. He is active and kind. Everyone likes him; he is also sensible and would share good food and good toys with everyone. He has strong self-care ability. He not only can have a meal, put on clothes, go to toilet, make his bed, also can wash the tableware and wash his socks.
He loves to learn. His caregiver teaches the young brother to recognize the Pinyin picture. He would run to the caregiver after learning; if the brothers are drawing, he also not resigned to playing second fiddle, takes the pen and paper to draw; every time we are doing crafts, he would take part in it actively; if he has some achievements, he is proud of thumbs up.
He has sound sleep and is not choosy to food; he loves to eat all kinds of vegetables and meat, as well as all kinds of fruits.
He is a clever little boy who has a ready smile. Best wishes for him and hope that he can be adopted as soon as possible.
Medical Condition: Deaf
Contact Info: