Child's Code: Ted
Birth Date: 10/22/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Mar 2013
Ted is diagnosed with albinism and nystagmus. He is quiet and shy. Maybe it is that he has weak sight, and cannot see objects clearly, so his actions are timid and slow. He is very easygoing, and he can get along well with other children. He likes playing toys, likes playing games, and with familiar people he is talkative and has a ready smile. Ted has strong imitation ability, strong language expression ability, can go on normal communication. He knows some common commodities, knows numbers; knows red, yellow, green and blue colors. He has strong adaptability, strong self-care ability, good gross motor development, and his fine motor is yet to be improved. He has good appetite, and his appetite is larger than other children.
Now Ted is in special class, has average marks, likes studying, can obey all kinds of rules of this school, can obey the arrangement of teachers, respects teachers, unites classmates, love labor, and he gets prize from the teachers of the school.
Medical Condition: Albinism, Nystagmus
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