Child's Code: Zachary
Birth Date: 2/22/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Aug 2012

Zachary lives in the institute after admission, he is active, extrovert, talkative, likes to run and do sports. He gets along well with other kids. He studies in the studying room of our institute, knows common fruits, vegetables, animals, daily tools and transportation means. He can sing many children’s songs and he takes part in the performance actively when we have activities in the institute. He likes to watch cartoon movies, becomes focused when watching them and knows many cartoon characters. The teachers begin to teach him cultural knowledge. He could count from 1 to 50, knows Chinese words of “people, mouth, hand, middle, earth, field” and knows colors of black, white, red, blue, yellow and green. His intelligence development is a little delayed compared with children of his age.
Zachary likes to play, he wants to play outside after studying a while. He likes to do sports, runs fast in the yard He is brave to climb up and down, plays the horizontal bar, hooks the bar with both feet, rolls over with head down, sometimes moves forward with both hands on the parallel bars. He is unwilling to study until the teacher calls him.
Zachary likes animals very much. He raised a rabbit with several friends, feed him grass and clean for him every day no matter how hot the weather is.
Zachary is obedient. Only if you told his reasons, he would accept it happily. He loves to communicate with caretakers. His self-care ability has improved under the cultivation of caretakers and deal with most of his affairs. He goes to the canteen on time, helps other kids to order dishes, sends the tableware to the caretakers initially after having meal, takes shower by himself, dress himself, makes his bed, help caretakers to throw rubbishes and give out toys and food to kids who can’t move.
Zachary has cross-eye, but it doesn’t affect his normal life such as watching TV or read books. He loves to go to somewhere by bus. He becomes excited in the bus and keeps to ask questions and talk. He has good appetite and not picky about food, but he likes snacks and yogurt. Zachary yearns for having parents, always ask the caretakers “Do I have father or mother? I want to be picked up by my parents” with eager in his eyes.
Medical Condition: Undescended Testicle, Vision- Strabismus
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