Child's Code: Floyd
Birth Date: 12/6/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

From a recent update:

Floyd has not had any hearing tests. Usually when you speak normally with him he understands and responds.

Floyd walks independently and comes and goes freely and can take care of himself in daily life, but because his gait is unsteady, he doesn’t usually participate in sports. When the other children play chase, he usually watches from the side.

He can use language to freely express his thoughts and feelings, such as “mama, I need a haircut”. Sometimes his speech is clear and sometimes his words are unclear.

Floyd’s cognitive ability and intelligence levels are normal. He recognizes daily used appliances and their uses. He knows life’s common knowledge, such as the four seasons and which clothes to wear for each.

Floyd is currently living in foster care.

Floyd is currently in the first grade at a nearby elementary school. His academic performance is excellent, but his language scores are not ideal. He usually writes slowly and his grasp of pinyin is not very good. But his memory is quite good and he can memorize any text. His favorite class is art class. His foster father makes four trips to transfer him to and from school and also tutors him on his homework. He listens to his foster father. Earlier when it was snowing and the weather was cold, Floyd usually liked to draw things like houses, trees, birds, clouds, etc. He is very sensible in the home and can take care of himself. He willingly participates in housework such as sweeping, and wiping down the table. Sometimes when his foster father goes out he helps watch little brother.

Floyd gets along harmoniously with the other children. He often gets the other children in the house to play and he shares toys with everyone.

Floyd has a gentle, sensible, and kind personality. He is enthusiastic to help others, for example in the home he helps grandma get things and after eating he wipes down the table and seeps the floor. When he sees the neighbors he takes the initiative to greet them and say “grandpa”, or “grandma”. Sometimes he takes the initiative to help his elderly neighbor on the floor below. The neighbors praise him to be a very good kid.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
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