Child's Code: Walter
Birth Date: 8/23/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Dec 2013:

Walter is diagnosed with congenital deafness and heterochromatic cataracts. In 2012, he was performed artificial electronic cochlear implant. By the language training for one year, his hearing and language ability has been improved. He is very active and clever, likes to be hands on and always uses his brain; he has good self-care ability.

Walter is a sensible child; he is fairly timid. He restrains in strange environments, but in front of other people, he becomes active after being familiar. Now he is studying in the local Deaf School. At school, he often helps the teacher to clean up after meal and is welcomed by the teachers.
Medical Condition: Deaf, Vision- cataracts
Contact Info: