Child's Code: Vincent
Birth Date: 11/21/2012
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List*

From Nov 2014:

Vincent has postoperative hydrocephalus, left indirect inguinal hernia and low muscular tension. Now he is living in the institute. When the nurturer saw him at the first time, he was over one year old. Under excellent care by the nurturer he has big head and smart eyes.
He can lie under the toy shelf, can hold the rattle to play, can sit for a while against object, can turn over on the mat, can pass the toy to other kid, can turn back if calling his name and smile at the nurturer. He likes going outdoors. He is very happy if the nurturer says to go down stairs in the sun.
He will cry if hungry, can hold the milk bottle to drink milk. Now he can eat, can have porridge and biscuits. He likes bathing, will be happy to take a bath.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy, Hernia, Hydrocephalus
Contact Info: