Child's Code: Owen
Birth Date: 7/1/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formally on the shared list*

From Aug 2012:

Owen is a clever, cute and lovable child. He likes to listen to stories. He likes to play with the other children. He is sensitive about the voice. He has clear speech. He will be happy to call out when seeing the nanny at the far distance. At the age of 3 years old, hearing the songs, especially the songs by the other children, he will hum together. Now he already can recite the children songs. He can say “good morning” in English. He can say all kinds of the names of the favorite fruits. He likes to watch cartoon. He can distinguish the relations of the characters in the cartoon soon. He can say out the judgments about the good and bad roles. He has the sensitive observation ability about all the things. One time before lunch we were talking, the nanny says “I am the cat” unconsciously, he answers quickly “ I am the mouse”. Such as the words, doctor to patient, teacher to student, police to thief. We are surprised that there is no person who taught him these, and we did not know where he learned this from. He is willing to talk. And he is not afraid of the strangers. When the people come to visit, he already can take them to visit the institute and acts as the guide. He often asks some strange questions, which makes the nannies have the difficult in giving the answers. He is willing to smile. Every time he always smiles then speak.

Owen is child who likes to learn. Now he can knows some words and recite some children songs and ancient poems. He is good at receiving the new things and learns by heart. He has a hope that he will be a doctor in the future.

Owen has the normal physical development and never picky. He likes to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. He likes to drink the yogurt and fresh milk. Although he does not like to eat meat, he still eats some. He sleeps well without the company of the adults.
Medical Condition: Imperforated anus
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