Child's Code: Tony
Birth Date: 11/10/2013
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Nov 2014:

Tony’s spinal meningocele surgery is also done well. His right foot is numb without perception, and he has a choking cough when drinking milk. The reason for these is related to the meninges surgery. We find fluid flow in his wound, and after a period of excellent care, even though Tonyn’s lower limbs can’t walk, he can drink milk well, now spinal meningocele wound complete well.
Tony can sit and play alone, both hands can flexibly catch things, both legs can’t be able to stand, right foot is cold, left foot has slightly a little bit nervous move by stimulation; now we take injection of mouse nerve growth factor for him, which may be a bit better in the future and temporarily not sure whether he can walk in the future.
Tony is fat, clever and lovely, which makes people like him, he begins to babble, especially like to be held by people and can distinguish familiar people from strangers.
Tony is introvert, fond of smile, no crying, eyes can follow things moving, if people passes by him, he will smile happily; he will cry for a while before sleep, has good appetite.
Medical Condition: Hearing problem, Hernia, Spina Bifida
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