Child's Code: Roger
Birth Date: 2/4/2009
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From May 2014:

On admission, Roger was curious about the new environment; he ran around in the yard and he would touch the slide and he would run around the trampoline. He gets along well with other children; he can take younger children to play; he shares his toys with other children; he has strong craft ability; he can take apart blocks and then build up them; his pronunciation is not very clear; he calls his mother when he needs to go to toilet; he gives pouty face to the caretaker when he is angry. Roger likes to help children who cannot walk independently; in outdoor activity, he actively supports other children to walk and he will warn them about the stairs and let them slow down; when eating, he helps deliver tableware; after meal, he helps other children wipe their mouth. Roger performs well in class; he can sing simple children’s song; he will actively clap his hands and give a thumbs-up to show his compliments when other children make progress; after school, he always is the first one to run into the room and say mother I am home; although his pronunciation is not very clear, he is making progress. Roger baby is a naughty little prince and we hope he can find his family soon and live happily.
Medical Condition: Poor Brain Development
Contact Info: