Child's Code: Ning
Birth Date: 8/20/2007
Gender: Male
Description: 9 year old Ning needs a family! He is a little shy when he first meets someone, but over time he becomes more talkative and extroverted. He plays well with others and is well liked by his peers and caretakers! He cannot play active or rough games due to his medical condition, but he loves playing with toys and with his friends.

Ning used to attend kindergarten classes, and the teachers at the school said he is smart kid. He speaks and writes very well! He can recognize over 300 Chinese characters and is able to write most of them. He is a receptive kid and has a great ability to learn. He understands what adults say to him, and he can communicate his own thoughts and ideas verbally.

Ning cannot stand or straighten his legs, but he is able to sit and squat on his own. He can move around the room using a scooter or wheelchair, and he is able to handle some self-care tasks on his own. Imagine what he could accomplish with the love and support of a forever family!

*Please note that this child's offical diagnosis is "developmental delays", however, it mentions Cerebral Palsy, peripheral neuritis, chondropathy in his file.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Other
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