Child's Code: Shi
Birth Date: 4/21/2005
Gender: Male
Description: This handsome young man has stolen our hearts! His name is Shi and he turns 12 years old in April. Other than the fact that he is in a wheelchair, Shi is very much like other children his age. He goes to school inside of the orphanage where he learns Chinese, math, art, and other lessons designed for 5th and 6th graders. He is respectful toward his teachers and classmates, and he is able to finish his assignments on his own. He especially loves drawing and his nannies say he is really good at it! His drawings are often on display at his welfare institution.

Shi also participated in our 2016 Heart Connection Trip, where volunteers traveled to China to meet and advocate for older children. Here is what the volunteers shared with us:

“Shi entered the room with energy and excitement. Although in a wheelchair he exuded an air of the one who was leading the group. He was engaging with his smile.

He is an artist with good fine motor skills. He also managed “wheelies” in his wheelchair. Although he is not able to walk, that was not a deterrent in getting where he wanted to go. He would move himself from the wheelchair to a regular chair when needed, and proved himself to be competent in pretty much anything he tried to do. He appeared to be the one the rest of the boys looked up to for leadership.

Shi seemed to communicate with ease in Chinese and worked on speaking certain English phrases such as “nice to meet you” and “what is your name?” and a couple of other phrases.

I believe Shi is capable of even more than he lets on. He is friendly and fun loving. He was actively engaged in whatever project we were working on. He seemed adjusted and not easily overwhelmed.”

Shi does not have much time before he will age out of his eligibility for international adoption at age 14. Please help us find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Malformed Limb - Lower
Contact Info: