Child's Code: Theo
Birth Date: 2/5/2006
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From June 2014:

On admission, Theo could not take care of himself, no verbal expression ability. He has some trouble in walking. He is unsocial, introverted. Under the patient care of doctors, nurses, and caretaker mother, he gradually adapted to the group life of the welfare institute, got familiar with the aunts and teachers who takes care of him and children in the same class with him. Theo becomes outgoing, active, and his memory ability has improved. He can understand the words of caretaker and children. Theo has good life habits, normal meals. He cannot take care of his defecation and urination. He has normal sleep. He likes playing with toy cars, likes listening to music.
Theo lives in a foster family. In this family, the child got love of parents. This provides him good environment for his mental and physical development, he quickly adapted to this family. His mental development is delayed compared to other children of his age, he does not have words communication ability. He cannot walk, his everyday life needs others to help him. He likes music, his family will usually accompany him to listen to music and play games. He is like other children and he can enjoy his happy childhood. Now the child is obedient, he likes living in the foster family, he likes his parents, and his foster family also likes this child.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Contact Info: