Child's Code: Quincy
Birth Date: 6/12/2008
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From June 2009

When Quincy arrived he was less than one month old. His little face looked very chubby, but his body was thin and weak. He had bilateral complete cleft lip, and from his appearance his eyes seemed to be fairly far apart. There was a subdermal cyst on the back of his head, soft, and a head CT examination had no problem.

His personality was lively and he liked to roll back and forth when lying in his crib. He was “a Velcro baby” and always hoped the nanny would hold him more. Every day he was not content to sit in the little rocking chair and would always wiggle around to attract your attention. He loved to smile and no matter who played with him, he would always smile very happily. His giggles would infect the nannies, so there were always lots of nannies holding him.

In March 2009, this child had cleft lip repair surgery. It was extremely successful and he was even more handsome. Since his surgery, he has suddenly become even smarter, and he can sit on the floor by himself to play for a long time with toys. He also learned to crawl. He is a little guy who really loves bustle and noise, and he especially likes for adults to hold him. If he is put down after being held, he will always cry in protest, but he will quiet down after a while.

His cleft lip surgery has already been completed. When he is nine years old, he can have plastic surgery on his upper gum to make him look perfect. He is a little man who is happy to interact with others and always hopes to have people to keep him company while he plays. We hope he will be accepted by a family who loves him so that he will soon have his own father and mother.

Although he has cleft lip, it does not largely affect his feeding. He loves to eat.
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Vision problem, Vision- Strabismus
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