Child's Code: Zeke
Birth Date: 2/19/2009
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From May 2011:

Zeke has group life in the institute and daily routines, like adults. He gets up at 6:30, naps from 11:30 to 13:30, and goes to bed at 20:30; he likes to sleep with the light on, and has moderate sleep. He has average appetite and is not choosy to food, has milk for 200ml and he has normal defecation and urination. He is introverted, quiet and shy. Zeke is fairly nervous and is shy when he meets the strangers. He has a ready smile and is fond of playing toys. He likes playing games with children in the same room. He is closest to the caretaker and his favorite activity is that the aunt takes him out to play with children to the top of his bent. He is a lovely boy.
Medical Condition: Abnormal Brain CT
Contact Info: