Child's Code: Harvey
Birth Date: 4/7/2006
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012:

In September 2012 handsome Harvey become a student of the 1st Grade at the local School for the Deaf. He does very well at the school, particularly in terms of behavior, although sometimes he may have a bad temper or become distracted during a class. Although he cannot hear he’s very smart and alert. He can read very well a person’s eyes or body gestures. He is a very sensible child and likes to help caregivers with taking care of little brothers and sisters. He also likes to help other handicapped children to do things.

A few days ago the school held an art performance party. The dance by the class he participated won the 3rd place prize.
He is an extremely smart and alert handsome boy and we really hope he can have a loving family.
Medical Condition: Deaf, Mute
Contact Info: