Child's Code: Thatcher
Birth Date: 1/7/2006
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012:

Thatcher now studies in top class of little brother and sister program. He has great development in emotion, intelligence and thinking ability, also in speech ability, and he has accumulated a lot of words. He can recognize daily things, and also can express his needs and wishes with complete and accurate sentences. He can communicate with adults. Although Thatcher has physical deformity, he can’t move quickly. He behaves well in language, imitation, and limbs coordination. Every time the teacher teaches him to sing the children’s songs, he can quickly remember, and can read it fluently, his sound is loud. Every day at impromptu dance time, the teacher will teach the children to dance. Thatcher will be excited when hearing the sound, imitate what the teacher is doing, and jump happily. He will laugh happily as well as jump.
Thatcher lives happily in his foster family, and his physical condition is good. He rarely has disease, he has good appetite, likes candy, cakes, and fruits, can eat with spoon by himself, but he is slowly. His strength in his arm grows stronger, can hold pen to draw, and draw circle; can stand lonely by himself, he can walk steadily, and can go to the toilet without help, and can put on the pants.

Please note that Thatcher also is diagnosed with Surge-Weber Syndrome
Medical Condition: Epilepsy, Hemangioma
Contact Info: