Child's Code: Elmer
Birth Date: 3/6/2012
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From an advocate who met Elmer in Nov 2016:

Elmer was shy, but warmed up after spending time with the physical therapist. He enjoys music and laughs when happy. He appears to hear well. He could sit without support and stands while holding onto object or caregiver. Full range of motion, no muscle contractures, aware of environment. Has muscle atrophy and has lost weight since last year's visit. He is significantly delayed. When first picked up, he feels the person's face as if he is trying to recognize her. He is a sweet boy who needs a loving home where he can reach his full potential.

From Sept 2013:

Elmer cannot see, but he is lovely. He is sensitive to sound, can hear and turn to the sound source when call his name. He likes being cuddled and feels safe. He can hold your hands
He is quiet, likes playing alone, likes being cuddled by nurturer. We hope he will return to a family, has a happy life and grow healthily.
Medical Condition: Vision- blind
Contact Info: