Child's Code: Evan
Birth Date: 9/1/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From June 2015:

Evan’s hands are in good development, he can use thumb and index finger of the left hand to make small ball, and he can use his right hand to write number 1-10, he can use his right hand to paint, and he can imitate the teacher to draw simple pictures, like triangle, square, and rectangle. He cannot walk by himself, but he can sit to move.
Evan can move the chair by himself, and he can sit on the chair to eat by himself, and study in class. He can finish puzzle, and make small balls into one line. He can put on and put off clothing and socks by independently. He can put toys back after playing. He has good memory. He likes watching TV, especially cartoons, and he likes children songs, music, and he has strong ability of imitation. He is independent and strong in mind. He will smile and say hello to familiars.
Evan has good ability of expression. He can recite the children songs, poetry of Tang Dynasty, like children song “spring”, “shake”, and poetry “spring”, “Jingyesi”. He can speak his name and call people. He can understand teacher’s direction. He can understand meanings of others, and accurately express his ideas. He can accurately express the course of things. He knows most parts of his body and says their names. He can say hello to familiars. He is careful in class, and he is active to answer the question, he has strong logic.
Medical Condition: Incontinence, Malformed Limb - Lower
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