Child's Code: Perry
Birth Date: 2/27/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From Sept. 2007:

Perry can express his needs with language, and is cooperative when putting on clothes. He can drink water, take fruit, snacks, and feed himself with a spoon without help. He is loved by the teachers and staff in the institute.

Perry is an active and polite child, fond of listening to music, imitating, listening to his teacher of caretaker telling a story. He will shake hands with teachers or other kids when they come across each other, and speak byebye when they depart from each other.

He likes to play outside with teachers. He likes to walk beside his teacher with hands in hands, enjoy new things outside, observe them, and retell to the teacher with the sound of “zhizhiyaya”. Sometime he would sit on the ground and not willing to return to his dormitory. He is fond of sitting in a small car, and not willing to get off. His favorite toy is ball. Sometimes he is obstinate, would insist on his idea when he is not willing to something, and can express his resistance to you.
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus
Contact Info: