Child's Code: Walker
Birth Date: 4/15/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From May 2013:

Walker is active, open, brave, honest, strong and hardworking
Walker can walk, run, jump, climb and crawl, can pat ball, can skip, can obey the game rules, can choose the color, and can draw.
Walker can manage his life, can sleep alone. He can wash and manage his things. He likes sports, drawing and performing. He knows cooperation and competition, can respect other people, can help do the housework, good assistant of teacher and caretakers.
He can recognize many characters, can write words, can express his willing with language. Walker likes talking with people, can joint games, can obey the rules, can read children’s songs and poems, can sing and dance, can do addition and subtraction within 100, have self-protecting mind.
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease, Genital Malformation
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