Child's Code: Qiu
Birth Date: 3/20/2014
Gender: Female
Description: Say hello to Qiu! You might also recognize her as Milla from New Hope. She is a quiet, but playful girl who just turned 3 years old. When Qiu first arrived at her orphanage she was only able to lie on her back. She was very timid, which her nannies attribute to her medical condition, and she did not like being cuddled. The nannies have worked with sweet Qiu and she has made so much progress! She loves interacting with her caretakers and she is especially interested in toys that make sounds. She does still have some motor development delays, but she is now able to sit with support and stand when holding on to the couch. She does not say words are her own, but she can repeat what her nanny says to her. Qiu needs a family that can give her lots of love and attention!
Medical Condition: Vision- blind, Vision problem
Contact Info: