Child's Code: Kendrick
Birth Date: 10/13/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From June 2007:

During his first 40 days in the institute, Kendrick cried every night. At first, we did not notice that his eyes had no light perception. One evening, the caretaker, after she bathed him and changed his clothes, tried to tease him. The caretaker found that he has no reaction, that he only shook his head. The second day, we brought him to the doctor and found that Kendrick suffered from congenital cataracts. Kendrick did not have good appetite, he only drunk 50-80ml milk each time. Kendrick was operated and the cataract was extracted. He has been hospitalized for 8 days. After leaving the hospital, we followed the instruction of the doctor and gave him very good care. His recovered very well. After dinner, he always played in his bed. He had some light perception but could not see things clearly. He has very good hearing, he could hear very small noise in the house. When Kendrick was 1 year old, we performed an examination again, no other abnormality found. He drunk 150-180ml milk each time. He turned round in his bed, tap his eyes with hands. He liked smile and seldom cried. He is very independent. He likes music. He is always in good health and hardly catches cold. Everyday, he sits or stands on his bed and plays there, without asking to carry him in arms. He has fair face. When he is called by his name, he turns his head. The caretakers in the institute all love him.
Medical Condition: Vision- cataracts
Contact Info: