Child's Code: Chase
Birth Date: 1/25/2008
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012:

On April 2010, the institute arranged Chase to go into foster family, his skin becomes darker and his body becomes stronger. His attachment to relatives and family becomes obvious, he likes to stay with mom, and he is happy when going back home. In language: he improves a lot, can almost understand all we said, and can express his need through accurate language, he is clear-thinking, has good logical capability, can tell his age and can communicate with others. In motor: we consult the teachers about his condition, the doctor said that as his disability on muscular, his limbs have lack of strength, and till now his development in motor isn’t obvious, can sit against the back of the chair, can’t sit alone, can’t crawl and walk, fine motor development of hands is normal, can grasp toys and pens. He can also play bells, but it is hard for him to hold heavy things such as telephone, his arm strength is weak, can only hold up to 45 degree from down, can feed himself with biscuits, but it’s also difficult for him, he needs to put his right hand on the leg, and hold up the hand through holding up the legs, he needs to do this action with the help of both hands and legs. He is extraverted and active, has a ready smile, likes to play outside, has good appetite, and likes various fruits.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
Contact Info: