Child's Code: Wendell
Birth Date: 9/10/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child’s file was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2013:

The institute made cleft lip and palate repairing surgery. After the surgery, Wendell recovers well but he cannot pronounce clearly. He needs the further repairing surgery.
Wendell is introverted, very obedient. He is a very smart child. He has the active logic, he loves studying. He learns very fast. He knows to take care of the younger children. Wendell likes to play games. He likes to communicate with others. He has good language expression. He can receive the fresh things very fast.
Wendell can sing many children songs, Tang Poems, book of family’ names, 3-word poem. Wendell knows numbers; he can do addition and subtraction within 100. He can recite the simple English words. He knows Chinese words. He can recite the complete story. But some times he is very naughty.
In diet, Wendell has good habit. He is not picky. He likes to eat fruits, vegetables and little snacks
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate
Contact Info: