Child's Code: En
Birth Date: 12/11/2014
Gender: Male
Description: 2 year old En will absolutely melt your heart! He is extremely shy at first, but lively and playful in familiar environments. He plays well with the other children in his room and he is attached to his caretakers. His nanny will say goodbye to him before she leaves each day, and he will give her a big smile and wave goodbye. En’s nannies feel that his development, language, and behavior are on par with his peers. He can walk, jump, and go up and down stairs independently. He can say simple words such as “ayi” (nanny) and “yao” (want), and he understands instructions and will do what he is asked. His nannies feel that his cognitive development is basically normal. Please help En find his family!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage
Contact Info: