Child's Code: Guo
Birth Date: 5/16/2014
Gender: Male
Description: Guo just turned 3 years old! He is also known as "Joshua" at New Hope. He is lively, playful, and loves playing with toys. He especially likes toy cars. Guo’s caretakers say he is great at imitating actions, and he has learned a lot by watching others. He likes to imitate the “fortune cat” - he will circle his forearm and lift his hand, then make his hand into a little fist just like the cat’s paw. His nannies love it and tell us it is very cute! Whenever Guo hears music he will clap his hands and dance along to the beat.

Guo’s health has been good and very stable recently. He can crawl and walk with one hand held, and he can stand while holding onto an object for support. He can say simple words and forms of address such as “mama” and “ayi”, and he can follow simple instructions. Guo is currently using a catheter.

Please help Guo Find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Undescended testis
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