Child's Code: Hui
Birth Date: 4/16/2014
Gender: Female
Description: We’d like you to meet Hui! She just celebrated her 3rd birthday. Hui likes to be active and is relatively easy-going. She rarely cries, and it seems that as long as there is music on she is a happy girl! She also likes to play with stuffed animals and is very entertained by cartoons.

Little Hui can stand up while holding onto a railing or bed for support, and she can imitate some of her nannies actions. She is babbling and will occasionally say “baba”, and she recognizes when her name is called. She is participating in rehabilitation training and early education classes within her orphanage. Her general health has been very good and she does not currently have symptoms of heart disease.

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Medical Condition: Down Syndrome, Extra fingers/toes, Heart disease
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