Child's Code: Xu
Birth Date: 12/25/2009
Gender: Male
Description: Xu is an enthusiastic, sunshiny 7 year old boy! He is lively and likes playing with his friends. He understands what it means to share, and he gets along very well with his peers! Xu likes to sing and draw, and his nannies tell us he is quite the little foodie. He loves to taste all kinds of delicious foods!

Xu has lower limb malformations, but he is a very determined kid and he strives to do things on his own. If he doesn’t do well at a certain task the first time, he will actively learn and try to do better next time! His nannies say his adaptability is very good and he can handle most self-care tasks on his own. He can dress himself, eat, and bathe without help from his caretakers. Xu cannot walk on his own, but he can move while supported by other objects. He uses a wheelchair for now, but he participates in rehabilitation therapy and he can do well with physical activities. His cognitive development is on par with his peers and he can effectively communicate his needs to his caretakers. He is a very bright child who is eager to excel!

This sweet, cheerful boy has so much potential! Could you be his forever family?
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy, Malformed Limb - Lower
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