Child's Code: Ben
Birth Date: 9/17/2010
Gender: Male
Description: 6 year old Ben is playful, bright, and curious! He is currently in the orphanage kindergarten class and he likes going to school. His teachers say he has a good ability to learn – he has learned to sing children’s songs, count, recite poems, and he remembers it all! Ben is a little bit introverted, but he gets along well with the other children in his class and he looks forward to playing with them each day. He really likes the playground, especially the slide! When it is time to play inside Ben likes to watch the “Boonie Bears” cartoon. Ben’s language abilities are on par with his peers. He can express his own thoughts in sentences but sometimes his pronunciation is unclear. He is learning self-care skills and can eat on his own, but he still needs help with washing his face and brushing his teeth. His motor skills appear to be very good, and he can run and jump with ease! Could you be Ben’s forever family?
Medical Condition: Heart disease, Low Intelligence
Contact Info: