Child's Code: Jia
Birth Date: 3/29/2010
Gender: Female
Description: Precious Jia is 7 years old and is described as introverted and quiet. She gets along well with other kids and is willing to help her friends, but she seems to prefer playing alone. She loves watching cartoons and dancing along to music! Jia’s nannies tell us her motor skills are normal. She can walk and run independently and is able to complete fine motor skill tasks. She can say some simple words and will talk to herself as she plays, but she does not really talk when her nannies try to encourage her to. She does understand what is said to her and can follow instructions very well. She is learning self-care skills and is able to feed herself and use the bathroom on her own. Please help sweet Jia find her family!
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome, Heart disease
Contact Info: