Child's Code: Qi
Birth Date: 3/23/2013
Gender: Female
Description: Say hello to Qi! You might also know her as “Shayla” from New Hope. Qi celebrated her 4th birthday earlier this year and is described as being a quiet, introverted, and sweet little girl. When she sees that another child is upset she will pat their back to try to comfort them. How cute! Qi likes to play with dolls, but she is a little scared of stuffed animals. She is also content watching TV or flipping through picture books. She loves to be outside, too!

We are told that little Qi’s medical situation is quite significant. She has had surgery for her heart condition, but she is still showing symptoms of heart disease. She uses a nebulizer and participates in rehabilitation therapy daily. Her motor development is delayed and her nannies feel that her cognitive development is behind as well. She can stand when leaning against a wall and can walk with her hands held, but she is not walking independently. She can babble and will occasionally say “baba”, but she cannot say the names of objects quite yet.

Qi needs a loving, supportive family to help her grow!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Heart disease, Other
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