Child's Code: Heng
Birth Date: 1/22/2010
Gender: Male
Description: This handsome young man is Heng! He first came into care at his welfare institution when he was almost 5 years old. Heng is now 7 ½ and is described as being a bright, responsible, outgoing young man! He goes to school and his caretakers tell us he does well in his classes. He has even received a certificate from his teacher in recognition of his hard work in school! Heng has great self-care skills and he is willing to help out with chores, too. He can make his bed, brush his teeth, and he will help with things like sweeping or putting away the dishes. He gets along well with other children, and he is sure to finish his homework before going out to play with them. Heng’s caretakers tell us that his motor abilities, communication skills, and cognitive abilities all appear to be normal. Could you be Heng’s forever family?
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
Contact Info: