Child's Code: Rong
Birth Date: 8/21/2013
Gender: Female
Description: Rong is a spunky, smiley 3 year old! All of the caretakers at her orphanage like her very much. She is very playful and is always willing to give her nannies a warm smile. Her favorite toy to play with is her doll, but she is very content listening to music or watching cartoons, too. Due to her condition, Rong spends most of her time playing in her chair, but she participates in rehabilitation therapy and she really likes it! Her nannies believe she understands that therapy is beneficial for her, and she will smile whenever she sees her therapist. Therapy has helped her learn to stand, but she needs a lot of help with self-care skills. She is not able to communicate with her nannies, but she is always cheerful!

Please help sweet Rong find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Contact Info: