Child's Code: Zane
Birth Date: 10/15/2004
Gender: Male
Description: 12 year old Zane has the BEST smile! He is turning 13 years old this fall, and will be aging out of his eligibility for international adoption on his 14th birthday.

Zane is a cheerful boy who likes to be creative. He loves painting, coloring, building, and using his imagination! He gets along well with other kids, and has a lot of fun talking and laughing with his friends.

Zane was a part of our Winter 2016 China Hosting Program! He spent 3 weeks with his host family learning what family is all about. Here is what they shared with us:

“Zane is happy, easy-going, and curious. He loved the swing and playing in water! He also enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline. He would probably love a really rich sensory environment. When playing and eating he was happy to help clean up, often without being told. He loved playing on the keyboard, and respected the volume rule very well after a few reminders. He sometimes needs encouragement, but was good at walking with his walker, using the restroom alone with bars to hold onto, transferring to a chair at the table, etc. He also worked hard over the course of weeks to be able to help with transfers in and out of our very tall car. It seems that with more work he could be much more independently mobile.

Zane is curious and sometimes likes to get into things. He did fairly well with redirection and gentle correction. He is eager to do things for himself like getting dressed on his own, opening packages, etc. He occasionally whined when he didn't get his way, but did not stay mad. He was a good sleeper, but did take a little while to calm down at night. He is a good eater -- willing to try lots of new foods. He liked to do or have whatever my two boys had/did. He often played alone, but he can take turns (like when we played the Pie Face game). I believe he could learn cooperative/joint play, but has likely never had lots of opportunity/encouragement to do so.

I believe he will do really well in a family! He works hard to do things for himself. He can get himself outside, and worked for almost 5 minutes to transfer himself from his walker to our round swing (it shifts around a lot). He gets himself dressed, feeds himself, cleans up, and will do small chores when asked (dishes to sink, trash away). He LOVES when I (host mom) praise him for working hard, or good behavior. He is so proud when he learns something new! He is a great eater, loves to laugh and giggle, and would just love to have a home of his own with family to gush over him.”

Zane's nannies tell us he has good cognitive development and great language skills.

Imagine what Zane could accomplish with a forever family cheering him on! Please help Zane find his forever family.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
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