Child's Code: Jiang
Birth Date: 10/1/2014
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Jiang! He will be turning 3 years old this fall. Jiang’s nannies say he is generally a pretty active kiddo! He loves being outside - when it is time to play outside he is able to recognize his shoes and will ask his nanny to help put them on. When he is inside, this boy is fascinated by anything with wheels. He loves to push his toy cars around and he really likes the toy shopping cart! Jiang also likes music. His nannies tell us he will sit very calmly as he listens to the melody.

Little Jiang can walk steadily on his own, but he is not running quite yet. He can feed himself snacks, too. He is not talking yet, but he knows to find his nanny when he needs help with something.

Please help this sweet boy find his family!
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome, Vision problem
Contact Info: