Child's Code: Wen
Birth Date: 4/8/2015
Gender: Female
Description: *CCAI has very little time left with Wen's file, so MULTIPLE families may be reviewing her file at the same time, which is normally not our practice. Thank you for your understanding!*

Wen is an adorable, playful 2 ½ year old! She loves dancing along to music and playing with her stuffed animals. Wen id diagnosed with brain damage, but she has been healthy recently and her nannies tell us her development is on par with her peers. She can walk and run on her own, and she will even help her nanny with some simple tasks. She is a bright little girl and has learned a lot by imitating her nannies! She can say some simple words like “mom”, “dad”, and “brother”. Please help Wen find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Arachnoid Cyst, Brain Damage
Contact Info: