Child's Code: Bin & Shao
Birth Date: 2/25/2016
Gender: Male
Description: *Please note that Bin and Shao MUST be adopted together!*

Meet Bin and Shao! They are 1 ½ year old twins.

Bin is described as an outgoing, giggly little boy. He likes being held and interacting with his nannies. Bin’s muscle tension is high, and it is suspected that he could have Cerebral Palsy. His nannies tell us he often clenches his fists tightly and his gross motor development is delayed. Right now he can lie on his stomach and raise his head, turn over, and can crawl forward a little bit. He can sit with support, too. Bin is not saying any words yet, but he will excitedly make “ah ah” sounds and smile when he sees his nanny.

Shao is described as being a quiet little guy, but very smiley! He likes to lie on the play mat and look at all that is going on around him. Shao also has high muscle tension and delayed motor development, so he is suspected to have Cerebral Palsy as well. He can turn over, but he is not crawling or sitting. Little Shao also has a history of seizures and he is taking medication for that.

These sweet boys need a loving, patient family who can shower them with attention!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Cryptorchidism, Developmental delays, Epilepsy, Heart disease, Hernia
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