Child's Code: Xu
Birth Date: 12/23/2010
Gender: Female
Description: This precious girl is Xu! She first arrived at her orphanage when she was just a few days old. She is now a playful, cheerful 6 year old who gets along well with everyone! Xu is diagnosed with cognitive delays, but her teachers and nannies have been working with her and she has made some progress! She is learning self-care skills and has learned to eat and change her clothes on her own. Her pronunciation is not very clear, but she can speak in short sentences and can understand what her nannies say to her. She knows her colors, names of common objects, and count from 1-10, too! Xu can walk, run, and jump with ease, and her nannies tell us her muscle tension is fine. This precious girl has so much potential! Could you be her forever family?
Medical Condition: Poor Brain Development
Contact Info: