Child's Code: Jing
Birth Date: 4/9/2016
Gender: Male
Description: This sweet 1 year old is Jing! You might also recognize him as “Bennett” from New Hope. Jing is happiest when he is interacting with his nannies. He will babble as he looks at them, and is sometimes able to say “mama”. He is imitating words he hears his nanny say, but his pronunciation is not very clear. Jing can raise his head when lying on his stomach and can stand with his armpits supported, and he loves sliding around in his walker! Right now he is using a feeding tube for eating, but his general health his pretty good – he does not seem to get sick more often than the other kiddos.

Please help sweet Jing find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Cleft palate, Developmental delays, Genital Malformation, Malformed Limb - Upper
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