Child's Code: Zhang
Birth Date: 3/5/2006
Gender: Male
Description: 11 year old Zhang is a little bit shy when you first meet him, but once he has had time to adjust he is outgoing, talkative, and cheerful! He lives with a foster family and is very used to his daily schedule. After breakfast he usually works on his rehabilitation training exercises, followed by watching a little bit of TV - he really likes watching traditional Chinese operas with his foster grandpa! Later, Zhang goes to physical therapy. He enjoys therapy and works hard at it! His gross motor skills are limited due to his Cerebral Palsy, but he has learned to walk slowly while holding onto the parallel bars and he can crawl slowly. He needs help with self-care skills, but he seems determined to keep working hard! Zhang’s hands are flexible, and he is able to hold food and play with toys. His language skills are very good so he is able to ask for help when he needs it.

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Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
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