Child's Code: Kong
Birth Date: 3/1/2011
Gender: Female
Description: Kong is a quiet, warm-hearted 6 year old girl. Her caretakers just adore her! Sometimes her nannies will ask “Kong, are we close?” Sweet Kong will point to her belly which means, “yes, you are close to me in my heart”.

Kong’s language skills are behind her peers’, but she knows how to use body language to communicate with her nannies. She can say words, but her pronunciation is unclear and she struggles to put words together. She understands what her nannies say to her, and her nannies seem to understand her body language and facial expressions.

Kong’s upper limb development is good – she can feed herself and drink from a cup. She recently had surgery for her hip dislocation, so right now she has casts on both of her legs. While she is in her casts she is using a wheelchair to help her get around.

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Medical Condition: Hip Dysplasia
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