Child's Code: Luke
Birth Date: 7/1/2011
Gender: Male
Description: 6 ½ year old Luke is very much like other kids his age. He is playful, curious, talkative, and full of energy! Luke seems to have a special love of music. He is often singing loud and proud with his clear, sweet-sounding voice. His nannies say he only has to listen to a song a couple of times before he has it memorized! When he sings he will often clap his hand along with the rhythm and come up with a little dance.

The orphanage feels that Luke’s development is slightly delayed, but he is so bright and has so much potential. He can read and write simple Chinese characters and can do simple math problems. He has no trouble getting around on his own and loves to explore his world!

Luke’s heart condition does not currently impact his daily life. The orphanage also says they have not seen evidence of epilepsy, but he arrived at the orphanage with epilepsy medication.

Luke so wants a forever family of his own! He has so much potential just waiting to be unlocked.
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease, Epilepsy, Vision problem
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